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Have you or any of your loved ones experienced our health care system lately?

If so, how was that experience for you?

Were you pleased with your care? Were you able to access the system easily? Did it treat you with dignity, respect, and competence? Did you feel well after your engagement with the system? And were you satisfied afterward that you got what you paid for?

Or did you feel like the system failed you? That it addressed your acute illness but not your overall health? That it moved you around like a cog in a vast machine? That it never met your unique need? And ransacked your pocketbook in the process?


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Health 3.0 is a framework…and a forum to discuss ideas on how to make health care better for us all.  Our forum is transpartisan — meaning we welcome ideas beyond the standard arguments from the left and the right on health care.  There’s only one condition: You’re directly exposed to what your ideas would bring about.  In other words, you have skin in the game.
That still makes for a pretty big tent — one that includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, social workers…and of course the people we care for.  We welcome all of you.

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